Food storage

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Food storage

Food storage

Why Food Storage?

Food Storage is vital as it relates to humankind’s fundamental survival element, which is food. The aim of this website is to guide and help you in your search of optimum preparation needs to fit your lifestyles. In doing so, you will also be provided with links to appropriate sources of advice and products.

Look at what happens in supply of food market. You notice scarcities and prices fluctuations, due to a number of factors. Some reasons are anticipated seasonal variations, but many are not anticipated, and include the following:

• Natural disasters (Drought, Flooding, Crop failures),
• Man-made disasters (such as wars, civil unrests, fires, water or air pollution, terrorist acts)
• Workers industrial actions,
• Losing your job for a number of reasons
• Domestic as well as Global Economic Crisis

What types are available?

There are wide ranges of food storage structures available to meet varying needs. For example, it is good to look at your lifestyle, whether you stay at home, go for work, a student, traveller, on holidays or camping, your baby needs, your pet, so that you can decide which one of the structures is appropriate for you. To see on the most common types of food storage, see links above.

Good Practise!

Building a rotating food stock, for example a three-month supply, is worth considering. This can be achieved without too much financial stress. For example, you may buy a one-week extra supply each month and set it aside in stock until the desired level is reached. What comes to mind at this junction is that, what do we need to stock? What type of food storage should we have? And how much do we need to stock? There is a lot of reading material as well as books and audio visuals which you may have to refer, in order to learn more.

What to keep in your stock:

Water – this is good to know a human being could stay for days without eating food, could not withstand water thirsty. Therefore, water is an important element. Where water is available but purity is a concern, water purification equipment would be required. You may therefore need to have the right water storage system that meets your objective.

Food -- We all agree all types (grains, beans or pulses, vegetables, fruits, meat, canned products, sugars, dairy products, baby, pet) should be included, and each will require its own way of storage. The types of food need to meet your life styles.

How long can you keep it in stock?

This depends on the type of food itself ( for example, grains, beans or pulses, vegetables, fruits, meat, canned foods, sugars, dairy products, baby, pet) and on the condition of the where it is kept, and how all these are managed. It is very important to bear in mind that food is sensitive to many deteriorating factors such as temperature, moisture content, humidity, mould, pests (insects such as weevils) and rodents (such as rats). For general guide, click here.

Updated: 24 Nov 2013
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By: Yohannes Berhe

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