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Business Storage

Business Storage

What it is?

A business storage is a storage space facility provided by dedicated firms, for business purposes. This service provides venues and services for companies and small businesses, to store almost everything they intend to store, for example, stock of finished products or any goods for re-sale purposes, documents, stationery, office furniture and many more. They can be specialised in bulk storage, storage for cold chain products, and can also provide additional hire services for necessary equipments such as Forklift, Pallet-trucks, Trolleys, Packing materials, Vending machines for cold refreshments, Contents insurance and Car parking spaces. You can even store goods in pallets conveniently with ease of manoeuvrability. In many ways, this is a cost-effective storage solution, for any size of business.

They provide flexibility of paying rental bills, say for example four-weekly, or you can just arrange for much shorter period, for example 7-days; they are very flexible!


If you are business starter or already in business and want to expand your business, this is wise considering.

Start business early

For a business-starter, you don't have to wait for until your new business premises are built or made ready for you, as you can start business straight away by using the business storage that is already dedicated and ready-made. This is fantastic especially if it is time of high demand of the products and that you must have take advantage of them.


Take advantage of new business opportunities

If you are already in business, and want to open new distribution points close to your customers, then, business storage is ideal. It saves you a great deal of time and money, compared to building expensive storage premises for similar purposes. Business storage also enables you to exploit new business opportunities that arise in time, in different marketplace locations.

Another example is when new contract offers are made--you can easily expand your contract as you would utilise business storage services ready at hand at any time. You can open new line of products to meet your new contracts.

Run you business from your small office efficiently

The other beauty of business storage is that it enables you run your business from a small office efficiently, by moving or storing your excess files and furniture to a business storage service venues. For example, your may have an office which is small, but cost-effective, and at excellent business location, but you are experiencing shortage of office spaces. This can be eased a lot, through using business storage facilities, where you will have access to your goods at any time, without losing all the advantages your small office has.

Full Security -- Peace of mind

Business storage facilities are appropriately designed and professionally managed, with all the security features built in 24 hours, which makes storage in these facilities, safe and secure. In other words, you don't have to employ extra cost for securing your items--you can achieve peace of mind at a fraction of costs.

What look for when deciding to use Business storage facilities?

• Check if the service provider has network of storage venues in the areas you are interested, and find out on the terms of hire or rent.

• Make sure they are equipped with proper security features, including fire alarms as well as smoke detectors.

• Check the range of additional equipments and services they provide, for example, do they have: Forklift, Pallet-trucks, Trolleys, Packing materials, Vending machines for cold refreshments, Contents insurance and Car parking spaces etc.

• Ask the business storage service provider, about the main and additional services available and would be wise to check for your self, if they are in place.

• Try to find out what other users say about the service provider.


• Once happy with all your findings, then it is time to take decision to use the Business storage facility. Please bear in mind, if you are not happy with one service provider, there could always be others you could try.

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By: Yohannes Berhe