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This is also called 'Self-storage' or 'Safe-store'.

What it is?

This is a unit of storage space that is provided for an individual person, organisation or any business company, by a self-storage service provider, usually specialised in this area. This is a good alternative to renting full storage premises and paying expensive costs of storage security system. It is cost-effective or cheaper and more secure system that you can not achieve on your own.

How it works?

There are usually varying sizes and systems of the self-storage units that suit different needs of customers. For example, some persons may want to store their personal properties, and companies or organisations may want to store their documents, data and other assets. Therefore, the self-storage units available are designed with varying needs in mind, and are readily available on demand.

Customers are given full control and secure access to their properties at all times. You can therefore, put or take out any of your items whenever you like, in other words, it is your store at hand, but all the security measures taken care on your behalf. As a customer, you are confident that your belongings are available for use at any time with direct access.


The companies that offer access self-storage facilities are specialised in the field of ensuring safe and secure environment of the storage. All means of security systems are built-in, and they provide proper administrative offices and personnel All these services cost money and resources which individuals or organisations may find it hard to maintain. Therefore, by using access self-storage facilities, the costs could be minimised dramatically.

There is no minimum lease or rental pre-conditions attached to these types of storage services, which makes the system more attractive.

Continuous build-up of dead files, and expansion of filing systems and cabinets compete office spaces available to staff members. This has become common problem in many businesses, and access self-storage systems therefore are good solutions to these. Shortage of spaces are thus sorted, without requiring to move to large and expensive, or rather unwanted premises and locations.

Sometimes, especially when moving homes, or for example evacuating your room and going for holidays, can pose problems as to where you would leave your things. You may just want a locker or want to leave your bags secure some where. Access self-storage thus could be a solution in such situations.

Many of such systems provide guides as to how much space would be needed, for example units of space or volume required to store different types of items. They also provide information of costs per unit of space or volume per month, which is also good for planning purposes.

Self-storage services are designed with varying needs in mind, and are readily available on demand. Thus there is no time wasted to acquire or construct premises or storage spaces, especially if you are aiming to start a business soon, or planning a holiday.

Where to find one?

There are access self-storage services available in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and many other countries. Search below:

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By: Yohannes Berhe

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