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Bag and Plastic Storage

What is Plastic Bag container?

Plastic bag is a flexible type of packaging made of plastic film. Among the many uses, they are used for storing and transporting a variety of foods, liquids, ice, powders and other products such as clothing. They are also used for containing chemicals and wastes. The bags are heat-sealed together in most cases. But some are stick together using adhesives or are sewn. Some come with a zipper, hence could be opened and closed many times as necessary or could be reused.

There are also sealable types of bags which can provide a much better and safe vacuum or air-tight storage. You may however, need to have a sealer equipment although some of these types may have self-vacuum-sealing ability. The later types are important, for example, if the food is stored free of air; it avoids oxygen that may be required for breeding to any microorganisms that may be present in the food, and this ensures safe food storage.

Type and nature of Plastic Containers

Some types of plastic withstand temperatures up to 110 °C whereas others only withstand 80 °C. There are various types of plastic bag containers in the market:

Plastic container types:

Good practice !

Plastic bags are not readily biodegradable, hence they stay un-decayed for decades; there are however, some made to easily bio-degraded. If they are disposed improperly and unattended, they could cause hazards to animals and wildlife. It is good practice to recycle them. When you buy plastic bags, it is wise to choose Heavy-duty or multiple-use types as they are more environmentally friendly to single-use ones. Single-use bags can also be recycled, or reused for as trash bins. The use of plastic bags needs supervision especially where there are infants, as they can easily suffocate them.

Other Equipments to consider

The following are essential equipments that may be needed to effectively use plastic and bag storage:

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By: Yohannes Berhe