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Importance of Water Storage

Water is the most important need for life, next to air. It is highly important to ensure there is continuous enough supply, for one-self, a family, community, and region and nation-wide. During natural disasters, for example hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc., water is the first item required as a person cannot survive long without it, unlike food. Next, come food and shelter and other facilities. This highlights the importance of water for life as well as water storage.

Collapsible water tanks

These are flexible and collapsible water storage structures. They could easily be stored and transported and are ideal in emergency situations, for example communities affected by disasters. In such situations, fast clean potable drinking could be provided to the affected population, by deploying these water storage structures in areas where people are displaced. This way, many diseases would be prevented. These tanks can also be used for long-term purposes.

The beauty of these structures is that they are easy to install, and they come in different sizes to suit varying needs, for example, a refugee camp, a community, village, family, camping holiday, or an individual person. Manufacturers of these products can also provide customized tanks to suit special needs or situations. The common ones are pillow style bladders, but there are many other types, and come in different forms, vertical or horizontal shapes, and some are portable and can be carried by individual’s person in their kits. These tanks are also useful for other storage purposes, such as chemical, military, fuel, fire brigade, etc products.

Rain harvesting tanks

These water tanks could be made of glass reinforced plastic tanks, and are available in a wide range of selections, and with varying capacities. Manufacturers could also provide these tanks to suit their customer needs. Some suppliers provide advice as to what type and size of tanks are appropriate, hence worth talking to them if in doubt.

It is not uncommon to pay high water bills, and that there is scarcity of water during summer (dry) season. By using Rain harvesting tanks, one can ensure enough supply for their gardens, as well as drinking, through out the year. Doing so, the beauty of their garden and less bill payments would be enjoyed.

Drinking for travel and adventure needs

People are involved in many activities away from home; hence they need supply of safe water. As well as the mentioned above, there are also a number of small hand held portable containers available, for example bottles. They come in different styles and some are equipped with filters, and are ideal for most outdoor and adventure activities.

Ensure safe drinking water at all times

Whatever form the water system is, it is always important to plan safe drinking water provisions. This is discussed in further detail, please click here to read more.

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By: Yohannes Berhe

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