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Water filters & purification tablets

Water filters & purification tablets

Wether you are at home, travel, it is important to ensure safe drinking water available. This is especially necessary for persons working in areas where safe potable water is hard to find. There are many water-borne diseases that humans can easily be affected by due to unclean water conditions. Water filters thus play an important role in such situations.

With the growth of economies and related expansion of industries and mechanisation, as well as the use of artificial fertilizers in cropping areas, some sort of chemical spillage or leaks into the water system, and the like are among other factors that intoxicate the environment, and in particular water resources. It is not uncommon to hear in the news, of ground water pollution as a result of negligent disposal of industrial wastes. It is therefore wise to equip your self and your family, with water filters and purification tablets, in order to ensure the safety of your health.

In many under-developed countries, most of the population do not get clean and safe potable water, and subsequently people suffer of many water-borne diseases. It would therefore be essential to prepare yourself with proper protection, if your are travelling or working in such areas.

How about of you are going out for a picnic or hunting? You may run out of water and tend to look for more? In such a situation you may be obliged to drink from any streaming or whatever sort of water available around you, which you have no idea if it is safe or not. Having  water purification tablets, or water filters thus could help you around this problem.

The other beauty of having water filters and water purification tablets is that, there is no need to carry lots of water for drinking, which could be difficult to transport. You can use any water available in areas you travel and you can automatically get clean and safe drinking water with your equipment.

By: Yohannes Berhe

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