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Airtight, Insulated, Vacuum storage

What is Vacuum storage?

Airtight vacuum containers are bins that work by sucking all air out of the container and permanently packing in a vacuum. By eliminating contact food with air, therefore, they prolong the shelf-life of stored food. Not only this, but also they prevent from loss of taste caused from freezer burn, loss of nutrient as well as maintain the natural color of stored food. Vacuum containers prevent souring of stored food (for example, food in opened bottles and cans) and prolong the quality and taste of refrigerated foods.


Where they may be used

Airtight vacuum containers are widely used to store different types of foods, for domestic as well as for commercial use. These airtight containers have become ideal to storing and preserving food. It is therefore important to have these in our

kitchens, during our travel, for example to keep our take-away food, as well as to store commercially supplied foods.

There are many types of airtight vacuum containers in the market. Some are good for domestic or family use whereas others are suitable for commercial purposes. There are also varieties that can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. Vacuum sealer products could be suitable for food and non-food items.

Airtight Bag Silos, for example, can be used for storing grains at home or in the farm. Grain-producing farmers, for example can store their grains on the farm in these airtight (vacuum) bags that come with a varying sizes-extending upto tens

of thousand tons of grain. This ensures, farmers bargaining power for their products, instead of dumping their hard-toiled produce for cheap prices.



By: Yohannes Berhe

Airtight, Insulated, Vacuum storage